Tea Tasting - Feb. 03 2020

Tea Tasting - Feb. 03 2020

Name: 2018 Fu Zhuan

Type: Anhua Heicha

Origin: Hunan, China

Company: Exquisite Tea Leaves

Price: 35$ Tea of the Month Club, December

Details of Harvest, Production, and Storage:

Produced 2018


The dry leaves are green with light hints of golden flowers. Certainly doesn’t have the heavy golden flower I’ve seen on other Fu Zhuan Brick Tea or even as much as most Qian Liang.


Aroma (1-10):

#:  Wood, light smoke, warm fire, spices and malt. Slightly fermented.

Body (1-10):

#: heavy, thick, but not syrupy. Surprising dark color for a 2018 picked Fu Zhuan Brick tea,

Flavor (1-10):

#: Woody, mild, warm tasting, slightly spicey, slighty fermented. Kind of soupy and umami.

Astringency (1-10): 1

#: No astringency

  • Bitterness (1-10): 1

#: No bitterness

Sweetness (1-10):  3

#: Mild malty sweetness on longer brews.


General Notes:

Notes to Noobs:

As hot water as you have, wash once, or twice, steep 20 seconds, or grandpa in mug.

Notes to Novices:

Use gaiwan or clay teapot and steep longer, brewing into the deep flavors, use as much heat as you can get, boiling is an option as well.

Questions for Experts:

Final Rating: (1-10): 8