Make Kombucha with old tea instead of throwing it away!

Make Kombucha with old tea instead of throwing it away!

Kombucha - Primary Fermentation

Yield: 1 gallon

Ingredients link to metric here

Filtered Water 1 quart + 3 quarts (No Chlorine!)
Old, Unbrewed, Green or Black Tea 8-12 grams, ~1/4 ounce
Sugar 1 cup


Vinegar or other non-detergent sanitizer
1 Quart Mason Jars
Measuring Cup
Clean cloth


  1. Sanitize equipment if you have reason to think you may be at risk for mold
  2. Boil water 1 quart of water
  3. Place dry tea leaves into 1 quart. mason jar.
  4. Pour a quart of hot water over tea leaves
  5. Let steep for 5 minutes
  6. Separate tea leaves from liquid
  7. Discard used tea leaves
  8. Add sugar to tea liquid
  9. Add 3 quarts of water
  10. Check Temp: Ensure water temp is under 100˚F
  11. Pour in scoby: Ensure scoby is covered with kombucha liquid from previous batch
  12. Cover mason jar with a dishcloth or paper towel using rubber band
    Place in darkish (sunlight is BAD, Ultravoilet light is bad, Lamps should be fine) environment with ambient temperature ideally around 72˚F (65˚F to 75˚F adjust time to temp, cooler= longer).


a. you want to make "Kombucha" (with Black Tea) ferment for 5-10 days.
b. you want to make "Jun" (with Green Tea) ferment for 3-5 days.
c. you want to make Vinegar, keep going!


Shorter ferment for more beer taste.
Longer ferment for more vinegar taste.

Checkout Kombucha.Training to learn more!